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We help property owners to create passive income without the hassle of managing a property. Whether you have multiple properties, are trying to fill a property in-between offers, or you have an extra room you want to rent out, we can help you create a stable passive income without the struggle of managing a property.

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Why Partner With Us?

automated payments, clock icon

Automated Payments

With automated payments, you can trust your investment. At the start of every month, you will receive your payment directly to your bank account.

professional cleaning services

Professional Cleaning Services

Your property deserves the best care. Between guests, we offer cleaning services to ensure your investment is in top condition: at no additional cost.

covers minor maintence

Covers Minor Maintence

With our handyman service, you don't have to worry about leaky faucets, plunging a toilet, or replacing an outlet. We cover all the small inconveniences.

carefully screened short term guests

Carefully Screened Short Term Guests

Without long term tenants, the appliances and utilities go through minimal use. This keeps your expenses low and makes maintenance easy.

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