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Before you decide to partner, we need to figure out if your property would do well as a short term rental. By reaching out to our team, we can arrange a meeting to look over the property for a free report on the projected revenue.

Partnership Types

Rental Arbitrage

Rental Arbitrage deals offer stability with guaranteed payments regardless of the properties performance. We assess the long term market rent in the area, then guarantee an amount up to par with market value. Furnishings and setup costs can be covered by us or the owner to offer higher monthly cashflow.

50/50 partnership

With 50/50 partnerships, you can expect a higher profit potential than rental arbitrage or a long term tenant. Furnishing setup, cleaning, and maintenance costs are split equally between the owner and our team. 

Cash Cow Partnership

Cash Cow Partnerships offer the highest returns, but require the most upfront investment. All setup, furnishings, cleaning, and maintenance costs are covered by the owner. You can expect the highest cashflow from your investment with a Cash Cow (Cash Down) Partnership. 

Special Partnerships

Couldn't find a deal for your situation? We offer specialized partnerships to help you reach your property goals. Spare bedroom you want to rent out? Extra basement suite not being used? Extra building on your property you want to convert into a rental? We can work with you to help maximize your income potential without the hassle.

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